Our vision

We are synonymous with tasty, healthy, local, sustainable and hospitable.

Responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is our ultimate goal to offer you as our guest an optimal experience with us. We do this by constantly searching for the very best produce that surrounds us season by season. To achieve this, our staff and suppliers are our closest partners.



When it started…

In the spring of 2010 I started my first business in De Haan, within the heritage protected consession, while retaining the original elements.

I focused on grilled meat, peppered with seasonal suggestions from the sea.

Business owner


“Taking responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship as a starting point, we aim to create unique concepts that respond to the wishes and expectations of upcoming generations, with respect to all our stakeholders.”

Mission statement

“We offer honest, healthy dishes and drinks, with attention paid to the basic produce and the environment, respect for local products and your preferences, whilst assuring an optimal price-quality balance.”


We want to safeguard and expand our current success to assure the future and increase the profitability for both our staff and the management. Internal double checks when buying and selling on the one hand, and incentives for optimal customer satisfaction on the other hand, are our tools to achieve our goal.

In doing so, clear and transparent internal communication, with respect for everyone’s opinion is fundamental. It is an absolute priority that every member of staff knows exactly what our business represents and shares our vision under the motto: “Whose bread one eats, his word one speaks.”

To assure we are all fully aligned, during autumn, winter and spring, we organise training sessions for all our staff. In addition, once a year, we also organise a two-day teambuilding.

Grill Restaurant Bleu Chaud De Haan
Grill – Restaurant Bleu Chaud

We are synonymous with tasty, healthy, local, sustainable and hospitable.


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